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Welcome to the Lake House. This blog and website is devoted to my books, my thoughts, and those little extras that sometimes come from the plotting and planning of each book. From research to story arcs, ideas to character insights, on these pages, you'll find a glimpse into the worlds I've created and loved from the moment I started writing about it. The characters are as real to me as my friends and family. I hope they are as real to my readers as well.

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Sips and Spells and Wedding Bells

OCTOBER 22, 2019

Great-grandma Cheryl may have been dead for more than two decades, but she still knows more than a thing or two about matters of the heart. And she's not afraid to make her opinions known.

Eva, a witch, and the manager at the local cafe in her small town is just coming into her own. As her twenty-fifth birthday arrives, she not only gains her powers - whatever they may be - she also gets the new task of the graveyard watch. Every full-blooded witch and demon in Spirit Hollow takes on the task for a year, beginning the eve they turn twenty-five. While the town is well aware that the ghosts of ancestors past still roam the magic-laden grounds of the cemetery, none of them truly realize just how much interference some of these well-meaning spirits can run. Or how much havoc they can cause.

Lucan isn't just a demon, he's also part werewolf. So when he turned twenty-five, he never had to pull the graveyard shift. But this year, only one female in town is hitting the sacred age, so he's been tasked with partnering with the witch in her new duty. How hard can it be to watch over a graveyard full of dead people? For Lucan, the distraction doesn't come in the form of ethereal and ill-mannered. It comes in the form of one very corporeal and very tempting witch.

Can they avoid the machinations of their ancestors, or are their ghostly wards just speeding up destiny?


Recent Release



Wicked for Him

AUGUST 27, 2019

They were meant to fail.

When the fairytale ends with living happily ever after, what happens to the villains that don’t get to ride off into the sunset? Their job wasn’t to defeat or overcome; it was to be defeated.

FairyFales are the tales of those characters whose dastardly deeds, evil plans, and wicked ways were foiled. These are the stories that come after that happily ever they don’t get a part in.

Wicked for Him

A lost object, a second chance, and a little magic led a servant to her prince.

Drew was once Cinderella’s stepsister. But a chance encounter with a rather unique fairy and an enchantress has given her a second chance to be something other than wicked. Can she find her way to making her own happiness in this new place?

Tate, the half brother to a royal princess, has been attracted to Drew since he first laid eyes on her. He has no idea about her wicked past or anything to do with her fairytale life. As the temptation to make her his rises, will he choose his duty to the crown or the one to his heart?

Maybe a little magic and a lost object will bolster this second chance and teach Drew that sometimes it’s okay to be a little wicked…for him.

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale."



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