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Welcome to the Lake House. This blog and website is devoted to my books, my thoughts, and those little extras that sometimes come from the plotting and planning of each book. From research to story arcs, ideas to character insights, on these pages, you'll find a glimpse into the worlds I've created and loved from the moment I started writing about it. The characters are as real to me as my friends and family. I hope they are as real to my readers as well.

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Sweet Cider Sin

May 1, 2020

“Sweet Cider Sin” is a standalone story in the “Bad Apples” series.

Tucker Hart has a chip on his shoulder. He knows he’s more than a simple farmhand and delivery man but despite his best efforts, he hasn’t been able to break into the elite circles of New York City’s high society. His arrogance and cocky attitude aren’t doing him any favors, but he refuses to back down.

Olivia Vivienne Marsten - society’s favorite socialite - finally went a little too far and has landed herself in a heap of trouble. She’s been cut off. Given an apartment with only one month’s rent paid, she now has to fend for herself or she’ll lose more than just her status - she’ll lose her entire trust fund and her shares of Marsten Enterprises.

Tucker has been delivering the apples and cider to the Bad Apple Cafe since it opened. It’s one of the few places he doesn’t mind stopping in. But when he runs across the new waitress - the girl whose exploits had graced the tabloids - he finds himself getting tangled up in her mess, and in her sheets.

Can these two put their differences aside, their pasts behind them, and learn to be better together?

Don't miss any of the stories in the “Bad Apples” series.

The series features five steamy contemporary romance tales that bring together the bad boys (and girls) of New York City with the love of their lives. Are they willing to do anything to hold on to their “one” - even change?

Delicious Sin by Claudia Stevens
Big Apple Sin by Simone Evans
Sin in Blue Jeans by Dakota Trace
Sinfully Star-Crossed byElouise East

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Recent Release

The Lady of the Lake

April 1, 2020

“The Lady of the Lake” is a standalone novel in the Loch Gaoil series.

Liliana is one of the seven daughters of the Lady of the Lake. She, like her sisters, carries with her a piece of Excalibur. For over a millennium she has slept, waiting for the time when Excalibur would be called on by the next heir. That time will only come when her true mate appears.

Thane has been on the hunt for anything that could prove the existence of King Arthur and his legendary sword. At one time, he was a well-known archeologist. But years have passed and he’s been brought back to his childhood home of Candlewood Lake, Connecticut. While drilling around the lake for what he hopes will be a find to remember, he begins to have strange dreams. One recurring dream brings him face to face with a mermaid that calls to him like the sirens of legends. The other recurring dream he can’t recall, but it’s not nearly as enjoyable. When he encounters the new waitress at the local diner, he feels drawn to her.

Will his desperate need to find the truth make him miss what’s right in front of him?


Don't miss any of the stories in the Loch Gaoil series. A series featuring six paranormal romance tales bringing together the mystery and mystique of the world beneath the waves.

Lake Dreamer by S.E. Isaac
Ripples of Love by Josette Reuel
In Search of Loch Lillies by C.A. King
Depths of a Sailor's Heart by Crystal St.Clair
Colter's Cove by Mandi Konesni

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale."

Hans Christian Andersen


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